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Welcome back to my page, i hope everyone had a great weekend!

The online schooling system! Permanent zoom code:  375-167-7360 Join during your class time
All Students  - use google classroom as well as the zoom link above
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday Zoom Meeting (code above) from 1pm - 1:30pm   same password as the class meeting :)

Please feel free to stop by if you have any concerns.

Announcements/ Updates: 
Students have until May 22nd to complete makeup work. the grade received will be graded with an 85 as the highest grade they may receive without acceptable documentation of tardiness, in which they may receive the highest grade of a 90 

Project grades are posted on google classroom. along with other class assignments. 

Only one more week of classes. hang in there you've got this! 
Congratulations class of 2020 you've made it!
Ms. Bostic

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